ExplorCuring UV Curing oven - Fusion / Heraeus F300 - Top & Bottom Cure
ExplorCuring UV Curing oven - Fusion / Heraeus F300 - Top & Bottom Cure

ExplorCuring UV Curing oven - Fusion / Heraeus F300 - Top & Bottom Cure

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ExplorCuring UV Curing oven - Fusion / Heraeus F300 - Simultaneous Top and Bottom Side Curing

  • Max board Size 460Wx500MML - max cure width 305MM
  • 2 Models :
    • +2 Lamp - cure width 152MM (1 top and 1 bottom lamp)
    • +4 Lamp - cure width 305MM ( 2 top and 2 bottom lamps)
  • Tunnel Length/height : 1500 mm long 50 mm clearance on top and 50 mm clearance on bottom of chain.
  • Modular configuration for curing topside of PCBs, optional for bottom –side or both sides of PCBs.
  •  A inline SMEMA-compatible chain conveyor allows processing of boards and is easily integrated with your existing Century conformal coating system.
  • World-class Fusion® microwave lamp technology allows the focus height of the Ultraviolet lamps can be adjusted.
  • The ventilation blower forces cooling air across the surface of the boards to keep the temperature and rate of rise at acceptable levels – safer and better for electronic components.
  • UV lamp size and focal height are configurable to meet specific application requirements.
  • Automatic shutters at the oven entrance and exit to prevent the UV light leak from the environment.
  • Minimal maintenance –robust construction and easy operation.
  • Maximum 80mm top and bottom side component clearance (standard 50MM)
  • Standard motorized conveyor adjust and optional automatic conveyor width adjustment by software.
  • Fully enclosed machine frame for clean and quiet operation, no UV light leak!
  • Large access doors to all critical areas
  • Ready for high volume production throughout!

Fusion F300 UV Cure Lamp system 

The heart of the UV-cure system is the lamp technology.

ExplorCuring UV system is using Fusion® microwave lamp technology to ensure the correct wave length of UV-light, but also a constant output during a guaranteed life time of at least 8000 hours!

The focus height of the Ultraviolet lamps can be adjusted and a range of bulb types offers specific wavelengths to match your material curing parameters.